Saturday, February 04, 2012


Mike S Vancouver said on 28 January:

I found your blog because today I played - yet again - with how to share that people can communicate to commune - to be in communion with each other - and in that "field" the idea of A Beautiful Mind (title of course borrowed from the film) appeard and when it did I googled... and found you.

And yes, people can communicate to create communion and can do it with intention and skill. It seems hard to interest people in the ideas - in part because while it can lead to riches it leads only indirectly to (monetary) wealth.

So thanks for your writing.

Blogger Beautiful Mind said...

Good morning Mike, thank you so much for taking the time to commune with me here, to communicate - freely and without expectation, except for the purpose of communion - with me, sharing your ideas. 

I believe that you are spot on, that people can communicate to create communion... And thank you for doing so with no expectations of 'pay-off' in the worldy sense. It is for precisely this reason, your words, that I will never, for one, monetize this blog, because I come here only to "communicate to create communion". This I do humbly, without expectation of a 'return', nor under duress.

May your ideas, and your humility, serve to help change this battered, broken and hurt, but magnificent world, into a better place, one good deed and broad-smile-for-a-stranger at a time. 

Have a wonderful day. 


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