Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Short mocha, no cream

In the last few days I've been into places I last frequented a long time ago. I find myself surprised at how decayed they are, how out of date they seem.
I've also walked into perfumes trailing behind people; they are scents I last smelt many many years ago. I trip over them, headlong into the jumble of time- and place-memories interwoven in them. Seemingly arbitrary. It's a bit like taking an unexpected slide through a time warp, bang into the past. They also emphasize the passage of time.
I wonder at what point it is that I become the one that others measure the amount of decay by? Just curious.
Does one know that one has become the living dead?
Progress. What is that? Soul wisdom I believe.
Seattle Cresta, nostalgically having a mocha.


Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed at how our minds can fool us into thinking time has stood still when it comes to ourselves, like in my mind I am eternaly 20something, then ever so often I run into an old friend and realize time has not stood still....the passage of time.

Dreamer Girl said...

Hi, I´ll love to do what are u doing!!! I really want to run away from all the stuff in this city! I want to travel.. to be by myself, to find my god!.. I just feel like I´m stuck here!!! I´m just 23.. but I cant go away right now.. I'm broke!..I really want to find someone, who doesn´t know me, who I can speak about my problems, I have friends.. and family..and boyfriend.. but its hard to me to tell them about all the stuff in my head!.. I wish I could go to another country..far away....



Mitch Block said...

I marvel at that experience of walking into fragrance memories. As for being used by others as the measure of decay... I ran into a never much liked acquaintance one day after not having seen her for 10 years. Her first comment when she looked at me was, "My God, you've gotten old." She then qualified it by saying that she didn't mean I looked old, it was just that she used to think I was hot. It made me appreciate the time apart! A mocha would be nice.

Beautiful Mind said...

David time does not stand still, and like you I'm often shocked that it hasn't! I too am eternally in my 20somethings... :-)

Mitch I loved your comment, and could not help smiling after thinking "bitch" about your friend. And yes fragrance memories are the best!

Mái thanks for commenting. I just want to share a lesson I've learnt... I've very often wanted to run away from life, even now, but I've learnt that you can run but you can't hide so to speak: in other words, wherever you go you have to take your head with you, so get the stuff right in your head, your attitude changed. Then comes freedom.
And as for God, trust me on this one, He is everywhere - including inside you! Remember that you were made in His image... silence, solitude, candles lit while lying in the bath ALONE and without your mobile connected is where it begins: His voice is always there, except that it's very quiet and soft. Begin waiting upon Him, and listening... I guarantee that you will begin to hear. You are the one in the way. "Be still and know that I am God...," He said. And He is always true to His words.

Rose said...

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