Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I’m undeniably a morning person.
Even so, I love it at night, when my fingers swan – in perfect peace - across the keyboard.
This plays out in a pool of warm light directly under my yarmulke-like coal black lampshade that’s not far from, nor many centimetres above my skull.
Although I’m in the light, but against the dark, cool background of the house and garden (energy saving), I’m neither trapped nor held prisoner here.
I love that I’m alone, but beneath a mountain.
I love that I’m at peace, but with gut-stirring coffee.
I love that I can clearly hear the crickets and frogs (and the cats having sex – they’re certainly not making love), but that it’s extremely unlikely the phone will ring, or ping.
‘You are loved (Don’t give up)’ is  my message for today, especially after yesterday. It came in a serendipitous message on a postcard from God.
Have you ever received one of those?

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