Sunday, October 09, 2011

The cat sat on the mat

bipolar ambition:
I'm struggling to complete the pages.
I root out even more pride and arrogance; forgive me please. I want NONE left.
Then suddenly I'm centered:
dappled morning sunshine
slow motion
across silent moss
on a rock
at the bottom of a garden.
that's as minute
and meaningful
as I wish
my life could
small b.


Mitch Block said...

Beautiful. Sometimes I wish my life could be the same.

David Allen Waters said...

your words and photos are beautiful...I think we all wish more of our lives, the trick is finding it and being content along the way.

Beautiful Mind said...

Mitch and David I don't often get to the so-called 'physical' comments section of my blog because I'm mostly travelling and with my phone... my apologies for this. But thank you for always commenting, I appreciate it.
I also want to say from what I read of the two of you on your blogs, that I really hope to get to meet you both one day.
Have a wonderful day... and thank you.

Dreamer Girl said...

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Have a great day!!!


Rose said...

Nicely picture in your Blogs site thanks ,,,,, Jection