Thursday, May 05, 2011

Taking stock

It's been a few days of madness, my mind's been overwhelmed on many dark, negative levels; I've allowed a blackness to swamp me.
Then, last night, I flipped the switch with a prayer for the strengthening and renewing of my mind. I forget that constant vigilance is needed. Never let your guard down.
I slept in peace. Then as I awoke I closed some of the doors I've opened while on the edge of this particular abyss. I've learnt that doors have to be shut closed, then locked. You can never allow yourself the luxury of leaving them even slightly open. Slightly open or fully open is still open.
So, back to my normal routine I was up with the sun this morning, and went straight to work. Then a kilometer walk down to the ocean and now I'm down at the beach having breakfast and a most welcome cappuccino.
It's a magnificent day. I've taken my shirt off and I'm basking in the sun while eating. My worries seem evaporated. I'm energizing myself and taking stock. Afterwards I'm going to cleanse myself in the mighty ocean. On my knees in the sand I will also seek strength and courage for my life journey, and that I might walk it with integrity.
Thank You for the gift of this perfect day.

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