Saturday, May 14, 2011


Joburg today: It's a beautiful winter's day here, except that unlike Durban there is an iciness in the air and the grass is going brown; and stunningly beautiful red, yellow and gold leaves are falling from the trees. 
Which makes me just a little bit sad...
I'm very sentimental: landscapes, people and seasons drive my emotions. Autumn is always a time of retrospect for me. It's a reminder of the passing of time, that everything in nature must have its birth/spring, followed by summer. Then of course it must reach the autumn of it's life cycle, before returning to nature and the earth in its winter.
It's not a bad sad, but merely a reminder that I must live deeply, passionately and intensely because life is short and all things must pass.
And now I must head home and so begin a new chapter of my life. 
Autumn and winter is very pronounced where I live, unlike in Durban.

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