Friday, May 27, 2011

Blackbird has spoken

Morning has broken.
The first frost fell last night, but fortunately it wasn't a black frost.
The fireplace in my bedroom is a meter from my bed, I've had it roaring, cracking and popping since 5h30.
The sun has just blazed above the trees on my horizon; my bedroom faces due east.
My black cat, basking in the new light, is talking to me as if there is no tomorrow; this could almost be Narnia.
In 90 minutes we will see the first meeting of the entire team in our new, work-in-progress newsroom.
We finalise our June edition of the newspaper today. It should take the entire day. I am excited about it. By tonight it will ready for the printers in Johannesburg.
In terms of this space - my blog - I have been silent. I have been ill, I have been incredibly challenged, facing both personal and professional obstacles beyond my imagination. I stared into the abyss, facing fear and failure in the face. This time has been of my darkest.
Yet morning has broken and life is still gut wrenchingly beautiful, and my faith remains steadfast, thank God.
Happy Friday.


Stefelino said...

And what amazing work you have done and achieved! So proud of you! Always seek the light, my warrior! X

Jeff Chandler said...

This makes me think of that saying 'It is always darkest before dawn'. And what a beautiful sunrise!Shine on.