Sunday, February 13, 2011

Green tea

The dusk has enfolded me in it's arms as I've sat outside drinking a bowl of green tea and watched - in thanksgiving and awe - as another day ends. Today I've grappled, not altogether successfully, with the mystery of life, of my life. Right now it feels that I serve no purpose, that my contribution is naught. Nevertheless I'm committed to striving towards becoming a better person, and to somewhere along the line making a difference...even if it's just by one smile at a time, if that's all that I'm able to muster right then.
I look up to the evening star just above the horizon and I'm reminded not to give up. This life thing is not easy, and sometimes I feel very alone. But only sometimes.
My lesson, again, is that freedom's in writing; so don't ever stop writing.

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David Allen Waters said...

every time I read a post from you it brings a smile to my face and lifts my you have made a difference to me...thank you:)