Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Joburg: After putting the paper to bed last night I filled up the cat's bowls, topped up their water, switched on the relevant outside lights, then drive to Joburg. The paper should've printed this afternoon, but today's hassles were contrary to my philosophy of refusing to swim against the tide. There's something particularly liberating about the moment you shrug your shoulders, press the clutch in and take your day out of gear.
I'm no longer the rat in the race.
It's a decision I have to remind myself, on a smaller scale, to take every day. A lot smaller scale than when four years ago, around about this time, when I resigned my lucrative ad world/pr/tv-related job from hell.
And, on that same day, chucked a going-nowhere-fast relationship, then put my brothel-converted-to-funky-monkey-loft apartment on the market, and hightailed it to the countryside.
But tonight I'm enjoying the city. I've just twittered and tweeted my way through an epic Highveld thunderstorm, and now I'm staring at the ceiling listening to the numbing, endless CLICK of a short circuiting electric fence.
And being less than lured by the things that go bump in the night in the city; there's everything on offer here. Everything.

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