Thursday, January 13, 2011

TV ban

Does anyone else have those inexplicably hideous days where every word, every task is like pushing a one ton granite block up the side of a pyramid? That was my today.
But now I'm sitting outside next to the fire with a glass of shiraz, my body still tingling deliciously from its first, albeit late, run of the year. The moon is unsuccessfully trying to push through low-slung moody clouds giving everything a romantic tinge, while the breeze is picking up into a flapping wind. Storm coming? I hope so.
The other excitement is that the electricity is off and perfect peace, in terms of both noise and light pollution pervades... except now for my neighbours ghastly generator. Unlike me he undoubtedly has a TV.

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Anonymous said...

shiraz is a fav of mine...and a night or two without tv is sometimes a perfect thing...

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