Thursday, May 13, 2010

Prof. Anton Harber on Julius Malema, tonight

Professor Anton Harber, the head of Wits University's Journalism faculty, is addressing the launch of the Mpumalanga Media Club right now in Nelspruit.
He started by referring to the Julius Malema debacle, when he threw BBC journalist Jonah Fisher out of the ANC Youth League's press conference last month.
The theme of his speech is that journalist's should stick together, that collectively they have power (that South African journalists even refused to be walked over by FIFA), that they should have walked out of the press conference when the BBC journalist was booted by Malema.
"We need to safeguard our integrity," he said.
"Brown paper journalism, journalism driven by that envelope that drives coverage of that politician or that company" is what Herber warned against.
"Don't let that poison in the door... We must drive from our profession those that don't hold to the highest standard of our profession. We can't hold others accountable, if we don't hold ourselves accountable".
He also said that some of the newspapers and broadcasters who got the Eugene Terblanche story so wrong have not done the right thing by apologising for their very wrong stories, that they have also not asked how they actually got it so wrong.

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