Sunday, May 02, 2010

It's our turn to eat

I've been devouring Michela Wrong's brilliantly written 'It's 0ur Turn to Eat'. Her book, in the investigative journalism genre, is all about the most in/famous Kenyan whistle-blower in that country's history - John Githongo, all of it recent 'history'.
The book also brilliantly underlines the donor funding dilemmas and debacles, highlighting how they 'encourage' self-looting by rotten African governments and encourage our continent's bread basket/beggar mentality.
What is most awful for me are the gob smacking similarities to the South African status quo, which does nothing but prick my skin and churn my gut. Especially the fact that they get away with it...
Most of all my gut is revolted by the bloated bull frog arrogance of these nation rapists, also by the extreme materialism now gorging the veins and arteries of this country... Which I'm gathering from my reading is in fact an Africa-wide plague.
South Africa's pigs are undoubtedly gathered at the trough, because they believe it's their turn to grovel, slavishly slurp, and grunt while they eat.
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Mathe said...

Someone we both know agreed with a famous statement that all men are pigs! I wonder if pigs come in categories. If not, I am sure some men can't compete with the so-called South African pigs!

That aside, corruption is indeed an African plague. In some of our countries we point at people's houses for the bridges that never got built. We even laugh. But make no mistake its not because its funny we actually laugh in our misery since despite having whistle blowers it just continues like a nightmare...

Oh Africa, my sweet Africa!