Thursday, May 27, 2010

I went to the hills

I'm in Johannesburg waiting for peak hour traffic to subside, to become bearable.
I've just had dinner by myself (actually one of my most favourite past times) and a glass of relatively insipid chardonnay.
This 'drama' unfolded in a suburban mall on the east of the city. I hope I never have to spend time here again. Ever.
I was about to head home but have just decided to spontaneously order dessert and to go watch Robin Hood, then to spend the night at Steffen.
I was in Jhb to collect the newspapers. But I spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the Berlin Forest, at Linda's, getting the paper wrapped up. The pics are of Monday's dusk.

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T said...

when is traffic ever bearable in Jhb? Its getting unbearable to live in jhb. i came across your blogg when i wanted to rent farm in waterval boven. went up for the weekend surrounded by serenity and mountains (and baboons( and listening to the trains at night.was awesome! googled "security waterval boven"
to do some research.. can a women live on a farm in our country alone? why not? there is so much to explore in our beautifull land. but not safe on your own\'?
where is the freedom in our country?
i have been told that some people are ment to walk this earth alone! so what the )( am i supposed to do?

T said...

cant spell ...ment i meant ..meant:)

liquidtrees said...

Hope the newspaper is going swell Charles! I'm missing SA and Swaziland more than usual this week, everything seems to trigger the richest of memories... (Sara)