Wednesday, October 14, 2009

10 Best BlackBerry Apps, Features for Journalists

The BlackBerry has long been the smart phone of choice for many newsrooms, particularly for large news organizations. The most obvious use is e-mail for staying in contact with editors, colleagues and sources while out in the field or away from the office. But like the iPhone, the BlackBerry has lots of other apps and features that can help journalists do their jobs. Here's a look at some of the best apps for journalists as well as some examples of how journalists use the device on the job. Like the iPhone, the BlackBerry has an app store, called "BlackBerry App World" (you have to download if it didn't come on your phone), but not all apps are available there. Others can be downloaded directly by visiting the developer's Web site on your lackBerry browser.

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Samantha Cole said...

I've read the rest of the article, and I have to agree that those apps really are useful, not just for journalists but also for the normal working girl like me. I decided to switch to a Blackberry when the company where I work decided to purchase Blackberry CALs so that more employees will be able to work with the emails and all of those work stuff even while on the go.