Monday, November 03, 2014

The grey, the moist, and the moody

Today I'm grateful for greyness and moisture and moodiness. Also for Italian blend coffee and chocolate croissants. And for muted thoughts about Munich and then Prague where I will spend just over a week; first an out-of-my-comfort-zone conference and the presentation of my first academic paper, then my uninhibited exploration of and and immersion into a magnificent city and an Eastern European autumn with a freind-and-colleague. 

Yesterday there was sun in abundance and I came close to overdosing on vitamin D. I was grateful for bright golden light, a holiday-blue sky, the glorious reek of factor 50 sunblock, palm trees, palm fronds, icy seawater and then a frosted beer.

Today Woodstock, The Mountain, the city bowl are all disapeared into the deep, wet grey. Where I will shortly be disapearing into too. Happily.

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