Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hibiscus flowers in life, and death

Today my energy is low, I'm two hours short on sleep, I've just - second ago- heard of a friend's early death from a weak heart and a consequent heart attack. A punch in the solar plexus and an ample going around and around in my head because of the pause button pushed. A moment's silence to Hans and his smile, to the people he's left behind.

Then after useless words to dive back in to the deep pit of assignment marking that needs doing before midnight on Friday. Meanwhile summer has arrived in Cape Town and with it the strange-sounding seasonal migrants from the north, all here to worship the sun and to devour vats full of Cape wine.

The south-easter suddenly stopped in its tracks not even an hour ago, now the oppresive heat beneath a a flat-blue sky.

While gym-going types pass my coffee shop and shorts and white legs, mostly belonging to the northerners, abound my heart is heavy and listless.

Christmas trees and baubles abound. 

My second last lecture tonight.

A gradual but most welcome winding down. Down. Down.

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