Wednesday, August 27, 2014


The view of the harbour and Robben Island from Woodstock this morning was eery and reminiscent of the start of winter. Marvelously moody and atmospheric. 

The city was lashed overnight by the latest, and for me unexpected cold front that has brought snow to the province and winter clothing out of people's closets. Umbrellas don't do much good in Cape Town: even if your brolly hasn't turned inside out and broken a spine, the rain lunges at you horizontally.

Today my energy is low and I can feel the tiredness packed behind my eyes. I'm tackling it with good coffee and a beef and tomato stew at the German deli in the small centre close to work.

While I'm enormously relieved to have found my passports, also to have the screw back in my glasses, I'm less ecstatic about what I need to pull off before heading off to Prague early in November.

Next week Friday I leave for Grahamstown via Port Elizabeth, which I'm really looking forward to. The Eastern Cape remains my favourite province, the one that triggers me most.

I feel bland and insipid today, as does this blog post to me.

Smile and wave.

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