Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bus stop (sky) blues

I'm continually amazed by Cape Town's relatively new rapid bus system, the MyCitiBus, which has an ever widening network that's shockingly cheap, safe, and pleasurable to use.
I'm enjoying exploring this way; not having to drive, and the big windows mean that I can really take in all the sights, and get high on a heady overdose of beauty.
On Good Friday, last week, I took the 106 from the Groote Kerk stop in the city to Camps Bay and ended up spending the afternoon there: it was a perfect autumnal day, a cooler and much more pleasurable version of summer.
Basking in the sun with a friend, we glugged down a bottle of ice-bucket chilled sauvignon blanc and feasted on a kilogram of scrumptious muscles in garlic butter. While watching the beautiful world go by from our table on the pavement we shared travel tales.
I took the pic at the bus stop while waiting to return to Woodstock; the other great MyCitiBus feature is the 'Cape Buses and Trains' smartphone app that lets you know the nearest bus stop, how long until the next bus, and other cool features.
I'm confirmed in my decision to live without a car for at least a year; despite fears and insecurities (after a lifetime of driving that list is long) it's been the best decision I've made in decades.
Of course the Cape winter is coming and that might check some of my enthusiasm.
But I'm an optimistic kinda guy... .

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