Thursday, April 24, 2014

A life in peace

It was my birthday last Saturday.

On that note, I live more simply now, much more streamlined, and there is not much that I need nor desire, particularly at birthday time.

Now I seek to travel more widely, also to spend as much time as possible with people that I love; I'm seeking experiences over possessions.

Also to have the time every day to lie on the couch in the sun and to read a little. That's reading for pleasure: a novel, poetry, short stories, in fact anything that will open the door the beauty of our world and lives.

On Saturday I was gratefully gifted a new French press, more commonly known around here as a coffee plunger; a 1 litre plunger at that! As well as a pack of African origin coffee I'd not seen before.

But it was the beautifully simple and glazed pottery coffee cup and milk jug that - instantly - tugged at my heart strings, despite me saying above that, um, I'm not that hot on possessions anymore.

The cyclamen brought joy to my heart, continues to do so, and constantly draws my eyes to its pink flowers (blessed am I!).

The apartment is taking shape; only recently could I proclaim that is now home. I am filling it with plants. It is already filled with light and sunshine. And my wonderful partner. And it has, as its focus, The Mountain; the rock-solid Mountain, which is in my eyes the entire continent's ballast. And it's full stop.

The Mountain, recently proclaimed one of the 'new' 7 natural wonders of the world, is in all its glory and moodiness a constant reminder of, on one hand, the passage-progress of my life; at every glance it reminds of the journey I took to here. While on the other it reminds that we're eternal beings, despite our short-lasting physical bodies.

It's a chilly, windy evening as I play with these words in soft light and with red wine on my tongue and in my nostrils; I'm also alone and enjoying the space, while contemplating my path through the forest; movement and change in my core.

I'm aware that two of my prayers are answered: I pray daily for enough, I pray daily for peace. I have enough, not more. I am at peace; my life is in peace. I am thus deeply satisfied in my life, which - despite my prayer for only enough - is o'er flowing.

Peace, for me, is among other things the non-existence of drama.

"When egos come together, whether in personal relationships or in organisations or institutions, 'bad' things happen sooner or later: drama of one kind or another, in the form of conflict, problems, power struggles, emotional or physical violence, or so on. This includes collective evils such as war, genocide, and exploitation - all due to mass unconsciousness. Furthermore, many types of illness are caused by the ego's continuous resistance, which creates restrictions and blockages in the flow of energy through the body. When you reconnect with Being and are no longer run by your mind, you cease to create those things. You do not create or participate in drama anymore."

That's an iota of Eckhardt Tolle in his The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment. I'm reading it after first reading his A New Earth. Welcome to the new consciousness....

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