Sunday, January 12, 2014

Coffee and red velvet cake

Dark clouds are gathering over Devil's Peak and there's a most welcome cool, almost chilly breeze after a scorching summer's day in Cape Town. Could it possibly rain?

I've just taken a stride through the suburb, which I expect to be leaving at month-end as I move into a place of my own.

I'm in Newlands village for coffee, red velvet cake and a belated attempt at my morning pages.

While tomorrow I'm happily back at work, I am looking forward to exploring this amazingly accessible city - unless you're banished to the Cape flats by povety and apartheid of course - on the mountain bike I brought from Johannesburg.

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Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

Some stunning photos and good words here (and Greeting from Scotland. I am just randomly exploring the Next Blog button while putting off getting down to some work) :)