Thursday, July 04, 2013

Deliberately living

I'm doing well. I spent my long weekend in the Drakensburg, mostly reading next to a log fire; tonight, my first in Cape Town, I'm again sitting next to a fire drinking red wine and listening to the tick-tock of a black and white clock.

The Drakensburg was awesome,  it's over a decade since I was last there. And within two nights I am just over two thousand kilometres away from the heavy but never oppressive silence and its champagne clear air.

In the corporate world,  before I left it, I always steered clear of fire smoke and eating garlic... because I was always thinking of clients and colleagues, and off putting smells. Some of life's finest moments are intertwined with fire smoke and garlic I've learned.. now I shy away from neither, they are my ecstatic celebration of life.


Jeff Chandler said...

What a beautiful space to be in, physically and spiritually. Fire smoke and garlic are definitely one of life's pleasures...dive in, my friend!

Beautiful Mind said...

Jeff I'd give my eye teeth to have coffee with you! Especially if it's at a quaint coffee shop in one of your favourite London boroughs. I'd love to catch up with you. Have a fantastic Friday evening in the heart of summer.

Jeff Chandler said...

The feeling is absolutely mutual! The perfect way to spend some city hours! I would love that. The universe has a funny way of sorting these things out...I wish you a beautiful evening. Be inspired.