Friday, July 05, 2013

Cape of Good Hope

After a long weekend in the Drakensburg - sans electricity and mobile phone signal,  relying on solar polar (which suited me perfectly) - celebrating two birthdays and saying goodbye, we returned to Durban.

I packed hastily and left early afternoon via the backroads for Cape Town. I had great intentions for the journey. I wanted it to be a lingering one via places I'd not seen before, and to nostalgically revisit places that impressed my heart and mind. Like Hogsback in the Amatola mountains,  and Grahamston to see my friend Mathe and to experience the annual arts festival.

An unexpected challenge was that I had to be Cape Town by 14h30 this past Wednesday, for a meeting with the HR department of the university. If I mised that I would not be included on the payroll this month. Considering that I was employed from 1 July and that I would begin lecturing on the 22nd (my number from God), I decided that I'd better put foot.

Two thousand kilometers later I got into bed in Cape Town at 4am. Exhausted from both the journey and a gruelling month of  wrapping up a relatively new life, and work, in Durban and Salt Rock (I was there 10 months).

These photos I took on Wednesday afternoon: they are of  the Camps Bay suburb of Caoe Town, the sun setting on the nearby Twelve Apostles, and then of the sun dipping into, this time, into the icy Atlantic. I will, however, truly miss the exotic and warm and wild Indian Ocean.

It is surreal being in a city that im passionate about, one that I've only ever visited as a tourist amd on vacation, but to know that I won't be leaving.

How blessed am I!


Anonymous said...

You truly have fallen in love with Cape Town. So happy for you. Carpe Diem.

Beautiful Mind said...

Thank you for the good wishes! I have indeed fallen in love with this incredible city... The love affair was begun years ago, but only now has she adopted me. I am gobsmacked by her guileless beauty. Yes, carpe diem. And thank you for taking the time to comment, I wish you very well.

Francois Allers said...

I am actually speechless! I can not describe the beauty and the peace that I have for Cape Town, the Winelands and "my hart verlang na die Boland" I wish you all the best on your new journey and that beautiful days when the clouds are flowing over Table Mountain and the most gorgeous clear blue sky days. For now enjoy the winter, those cloudy blue-grey days!