Friday, May 10, 2013


It's been a busy week that has wonderdully stretched and challenged me.
I'm tired now.
I'm needing time away from people, and from technology that fosters communication.

I crave time with my God.

Although I've spent the morning working in bed - there really wasn't any reason to get up, especially in this moody weather, the mist-like coastline rain - I was seeped in listlessness and deep tiredness. But nevertheless happy.

Now to treat myself, especially that the work's done: My luxury is a deep foam bath, with candles lit, also soft lighting; while I soak, and read,  and think, and blog. And rest. Albeit that it's early afternoon.

My other joy, today, is that the very first of my spinach seeds sprouted yesterday; today when I woke there were another ten seedlings that had pushed themselves up and through the dark-moist soil. Miracle of life. I planted the seeds last Friday.

Only those whom have pushed their hands and fingers into loamy soil, whom have planted,  sowed and nurtured with the life-giving sun on their necks and back - as their false perceptions of time dissolve into eternity - will know how invaluable time spent in this way benefits us as souls.


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Jeff Chandler said...

It's so important to reconnect with our own source in order to breathe deeply and recharge! I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your 'You' time.