Tuesday, May 07, 2013

I've got skinny legs, and I love them

I'm just back from a slow walk along Umhlanga's promenade: I've a passion for blustery salt-soaked swathes of wind straight off the ocean, also for lighthouses. This particular one has featuted quite prominently in my life.
As I got into my car the phone rang; most unexpectedly I have interview for a university lecturing position in Cape Town next Friday.
This somewhat confirms a new stream intertwining with my life's DNA; as recently as last week did I take up a part time journalism lecturing position in Durban.
The sun's warming my face as I savour the dregs of an Americano; just before heading off to gym.
Thank God I've got my smart shoes with me in town.

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Jeff Chandler said...

Ahh, the salty wind blowing off the sea...I used to live in Brighton and loved it in the harsh winter once all the tourists had left and would walk along the front. Umhlanga's promenade looks beautiful!