Saturday, December 24, 2011

I need a life

There was a storm.
Cool breeze on my nakedness woke me with ice-cold.
Listening, now, again, to the wind through branches and leaves...and through the branches, twigs, leaves of my mind.
Then I remembered the yellow flowers I photographed this afternoon in the tired-sadness of my self-imposed self-exile-from-self.
I need to get a life.


Mitch Block said...

I wonder what we really mean when we say "I need to get a life." I say the same thing sometimes, but I know I have one. Your writing inspires me and makes me think. I was sure you had a life!

Beautiful Mind said...

Oh Mitch Im not always sure! But then again, I can be very hard on myself. Happy, blessed Christmas.... Charles (and again, thanks!)