Friday, December 30, 2011

First light

It's dawn, Graaf Reinet.
As the only petrol attendant, red dressed, hoses down and then sweeps the Total garage forecourt, I settle down in the driver's seat to sleep.
I cover my eyes with my soft, olive green sleep t-shirt which smells of me, in a good, cool-on-my-face way.


Mitch Block said...

Having never been to South Africa, I find myself really intrigued by this road trip... even dozing in the car. Thanks.

Beautiful Mind said...

Mitch thank you for always taking time to interact, and my apologies for, actually, being so crap at communicating and responding. I hope that you visit here for a road trip one day... I'd be interested to know what you think.
Have a older full last day of the year.... charles

Mitch Block said...

No need for any kind of apology. Thank you for sharing your experiences. My life is enriched. Wishing you some joy on this amazing road trip (and, of course, on the rest of your journey)!