Saturday, September 11, 2010

Oceanic blue

A friend - another Charles - that I've never physically met (we 'met' on the 'Net about over two years ago), keeps in pretty good communication with me via text messages. Through him, with him, I travel to places just on the edge of my radar screen. Places that fill me with longing, and contentment. Like the Southern Cape Coast, and in stark contrast, the Klein Karoo. Both of which I never tire of returning to.
He is, right now, down at Struisbaai on the Southern Cape coast. This was his text message to me at just after 6am this morning:

"Last night was lovely,with constant laughter with my friend Jay. We're going to look for bones and shells. And there is this place, just outside Struisbaai, with the most majestic magnificent white sand dunes. I love early mornings here. I'm still lying in bed, feeling Pantoufle's kittens move inside her stomach. Oh my wow. Have a blessed day¤"

Pantoufle is Charles' very pregnant cat. He's adamant to be with her when she gives birth.
I have a longing to be drawing upon the mighty Ocean's energy, also to imbibe deep breaths of salt-laden fresh air, to gulp in the wind, to feel sea sand massage and even the skin of my feet.

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