Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dear CA568413 - The Power of Twitter/Social Media

Dear CA568413

Yes you guys in the white bakkie.

You okes are so cool. And you're funny! I bet you get told that all the time. Let me guess? Every girl wants you and every guy wants to be you right? It must be so tough.
Gee,  I just can't believe I'm lucky enough to live in the same city as you. All of you.
Gosh I can die happy now!
Exactly what kind of morons are you? You thought it was funny to strip a woman of her dignity like that?
The internet has considerably larger reach than 4 lanes of town traffic on a Saturday afternoon. My heart will sing when it finds out your names.
Cruising around, looking cool in the back of your bakkie with your apparent god complexes; you're all exactly the type of people I cannot stand.
For those of you who weren't in the back of the bakkie or in nearby cars. These charming individuals apparently called over a Big Issue vendor in traffic, threw water all over her and then laughed about it.
If you date or even worse gave birth to one of them (shame), I am embarrassed for you.
I have met elastic bands with higher levels of intellectual capacity and paper cups with better wit.
I hope someone inserts a vuvuzela into you.

Kind Regards

Ps Thanks to VampyreJourno and hurricaneanatom for snapping the pic and breaking this story.

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(From original tweet by @robynhobson)

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