Thursday, February 18, 2010

A note to my friend Angela

It's another of my most perfect days..soft constant rain and mist, also perfect peace. Even in my heart.
Right now I'm sitting at my window taking a break from my deadline week, drinking coffee and listening to the rain gurgling in the gutters.
I'd love to be devouring an entire chocolate cake with you and the girls.. but a special chocolate cake like the one you once visited me here with.
You'll be glad to know this house is being transformed into a home: as of last week I have a wood stove in the kitchen, a chimney on the roof, a functioning fireplace in my studio and..wait for it..the 40 year-old (no jokes) shower is finally repaired and working like a bomb.
As I said in my text to you earlier, I desperately need a healing dose of you & the kids...desperately. A bit of Harry Potter time... Love you. (And a hug for Paul.) Come visit...

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