Saturday, February 13, 2010

Morning has broken

It's a magnificent dawn. They come much later now, especially as it's only - roughly - one and a half months until winter's here. But judging by the stark contrast between the very hot days and the chilly mornings, winter might be arriving earlier this year. Especially here on the very edge of the escarpment.
I'm also sitting at my favourite window, facing east, watching as the world wakes..or doesn't. Normally I'd be outside at this time, facing west. But its too chilly for that now.
Yesterday my new chimney was completed. At its completion joy did a little jig in my heart. The fireplace in my studio's 'unused status' is about to come to an end.
The wood stove in the kitchen has finally also got a chimney sprouted through the ceiling and roof. One chilly rainy night this weekend would see both hearth and chunky iron stove tested; so I'd better start collecting wood during my forest walks, so as to stock compile enough for a possibly long winter.
I bet you're thinking that I'm anally winter obsessed, you might be right. But anyone that's subtly 'intuitioned' will sense the great annual change of the millennia's is happening in a flurry of activity right this minute.
SPLAT! The mosquito on my leg is still there, except that it's dead in a smudged former blob of my blood. Don't scratch, don't scratch....

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