Monday, January 25, 2010

Rusted, but happy heart

Mine's a vastly uncomplicated and wonderfully uncertain life compared to exactly three years ago, when I purchased this house in Waterval Boven.
I'm also a simpler, somewhat quieter and humbler human being.
I also have many more lines around my eyes. I never ever thought I would write these words, but I have to admit that I quite like them.
Compared to the sterile loft space I owned in the city, this is a real home I live in now.
For example this rusted, barbed wire heart I bought on the side of the road in Belfast on Friday is quite at home here in the kitchen. And the floorboards have been repaired; there were big holes in the floor from termites. Some of the old tiles came off the wall with the repairs - what an opportunity to paint the surface!
I wish you could see the meals coming out of this kitchen, prepared by an incredible heart that's anything but rusty. A very generous and kind heart too.
Just had the largest thunderstorm of the summer rage through here. Rain flooded the garden, the river, and also came in under the back door and - unusually - through the kitchen windows.
Right now it's coffee time.
On that note, I've asked that He put His yoke on me so that I can be less busy, also to have my pace slowed down to a pace unlinked to the world. I do believe that my prayer is being answered.
I've also asked for more travel opportunities. Patiently I wait...

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Mathe said...

It seems you are at happy villa heading to utopian villa :-) Just keep moving forward and you will get there.

As for travel opportunities, head to the mountain kingdom with a good bottle of red wine and the rest will be sorted automagically ;-) I am serious, we Basotho know how to extend a warm welcome to the humble! So make the transition from humbler to humble... and you will be sorted. (BTW, to me humbler only says you are a different man from the man you were yesterday. So if you were arrogant you are less arrogant.)

Like any good offer, terms and conditions apply!