Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jozi sunset & dope smoking All Star intellectuals

Ko'spotong (grab & run munchies; Kitchen Open till 01:30am!!!) Newtown (Johannesburg): Viewing dusk through a Carling Black Label, I'm still chuckling at the call I received this afternoon from the local municipality's legal department. Emakhazeni Local Municipality's Daniel Mkhonza called to let me know that they will be consulting attorneys tomorrow about the fact that, in the last issue of Highlands Herald, I published who the new youth manager at the municipality was going to be.
"Surely it's part of correct journalistic practice to verify information that you have obtained," he said to me.
In an incredulous tone: "Information, for one, about a new youth manager, and secondly not even second hand, but straight from the apparent new youth manager's mouth. I smell a story brewing!"
Ha-ha! But no mention from the municipality, of course, about the councillor I publicly accused of corruption. Then again, maybe I've got my priorities wrong.
Either way it's a cool, almost autumnal evening, in Gauteng province.

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Mathe said...
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Mathe said...

Title sounds so hippie! If you can confess about outing a corrupt official, why not confess about being a hippie? It would make me feel good ;-)

"Ko'spotong" doesn't seem to carry the vibe of what I would call a 'sepoto'. To be exact, it lacks that black vibe that inspires one to shout "spotong ha Lipuo" just to assert the fact that Lipuo's place is truly the spot to be at! (Now you know where the name Ko'spotong or sepotong is derived from).

I do admit it is a lovely place. I was just putting it out there that the look and the name don't seem to fit with my world view... granted of course that it may be a bit distorted but it is MY view ;-).