Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Woodstock take#2

This morning it all looked different again, like it does every day. Every morning, as I wake, I rush to the window. Every single day is beautiful and different.
Every day I still pinch myself at the fact of my new life in this incredible and diverse city.
I'm sitting in a favourite coffee shop (Coffee Zone is a crap name, but this is the hipster-free one) quaffing an awesome cappuccino and waiting for my afternoon breakfast.
I can feel the exhaustion in my bones and muscles and tendons from my daily exercise regime: the cycling is very good for me, my body is trim and toned. But every now and then my body says, "Enough, I'm tired." And my backside grimaces every time I hit the saddle.
I'm actually ecstatic, much to my surprise, to be without a car. It's good for me, it's good.for my city, it's good for the environment. And as I've said before, the city is being exposed to me in the most unexpected ways.
I took that pic this morning while my coffee was brewing.

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Jeff Chandler said...

What a stunning view! I can see why you love it here so much. Add into the mix great coffee...heaven. Glad you are well. Your words always touch me.