Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Road trip: Hamba kahle Tata Madiba

This is the magnificent view, at dusk, from Dolphin's Point over the seaside town of Wilderness in the Western Cape province this past Saturday.

We left Cape Town at 13h00 and had been travelling leisurely along the southern edge of the country.

The road trip for me will, eventually, reach it's halfway mark in Johannesburg this weekend, where I will be seeing my darling mother for the first time in two years. She lives in London.

This is also a view (which none of my amateur photograohic skills could ever do justice to, much to my dismay!) of my favourite ocean: the warm and passionately tempestuous Indian ocean.

I stood there guzzling in both the ozone-laden ocean air and the view to what felt to be the very edge of our universe. And all of this beneath a waxing-beautiful moon (it's full tonight).

God is so in every single detail.

Oh my beautiful country on the southern tip of Africa, with its blood and hatred-soaked history, you are entwined with me and I am of you.

Thanks for everything Tata (father) Madiba - who was put to rest the next day - thanks for everything; your long walk (for our freedom) is done. God bless you, God bless Africa.

Hamba kahle (go well) Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela; thank you.

Little did we know what lay before us on our journey, that very night...

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