Saturday, June 22, 2013

Revving down

Drinking caramel vodka in bed while working and watching a winter sky slowly tatter up yesterday's perfect blue.

That's how I spent today.

Sounds rather rackish and libertine, but nothing of the sort. It's how I coped with the endless-flow-of-pages-boredom that challenges me this month.

And all of this as I wrap up, fold away,  sometime up-tear,  this rather compact transitioning chapter of my life.

I did a dry run pack-up today; I've got down to a boot and a half backseat full of possessions. In this province that is.

Next weekend I'm spending in the Drakensburg,  before driving the 1, 800 kilometres to Cape Town on the Sunday or Monday. I pray for snow on the dragon's teeth.

Im going to blog everyday.

Are you coming with.

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