Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Travelling light on the road south east

I took these photos an hour or so earlier,  when I stopped in Harrismith in the Free State.
I'm taking the N3 south eastwards to Pietermaritzburg,  then Durban and the North Coast on Friday.
I'm rather pleasantly amazed at the winter scenery, so stark in contrast to the greeness that smoothed my journey northwards to Joburg almost six weeks ago. And what a six weeks it has been!
Just like on that trip I had no idea what lay ahead of me, which was slightly unnerving and uncomfortable at the time; this time I'm already six weeks into living hand-to-mouth (in the best possible sense of the phrase), waiting like a wide-eyed with excitement child about what each day will unfold for me; all the while expecting the best.
It's taken a long time for me to begin living like this.
I'm travelling light, I'm free, I'm excited, and every one of my needs are met on a daily basis - how blessed am I!
I am also adamant to return to the Drakensburg; for too long now it has beckoned me to explore its extensive range, which reached even as far north east so as to include Waterval Boven (where I spent a good six years) in it's mighty clasp.
Coming down the escaprment past Harrismith and then along the Van Reenens pass, my breath was again scraped and ripped from my throat as I gasped at the 'Berg's beauty!
(Crap Steers coffee in a paper cup down what's left of my gullet - it's all of this dramatic rasping and gasping - and back on to the road.)
My mind wanders over to Yeats' wild swans at Coole: The tree's are in their autumn beauty... that's what I hear when I see the golden yellow trees that are soon to be bare. Like me.

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