Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gray. I'm not a sheep even though I baa and bah

It's gray and raining. That's more than okay with me.

I'm drinking overpriced coffee at Vida e Cafe. 

How do they justify charging R26 for a single mug of Caffe Mocha; I just do not see what they have on offer other than having created some smoke-and-mirror vague-linked-to-cool brand tailor made for our sheep-consumerist society? 

Vida e Caffe having your behind-the-counter non-service orientated staff creating a ruckus every time they're tipped - like now - is rather tired after all these years, and certainly isn't the 'value-add' I'm prepared to pay for. Especially as I'm - now - a much wiser and savvy making-it-through the international financial crisis individual looking to be wowed, wooed and definitely not fooled into being content at your rip-off.

I'm writing and watching a humble sparrow (mossie in Afrikaans) beaking crumbs around my, and the table's feet. 

Most have lost their way. And have compromised their values, integrity.

My mascot is, of now, the humble sparrow. I'm looking for natural lines and wrinkles in faces that have chosen to age gracefully; thinking youngsters not gaga'd out and unthinkingly branded and walking over everything to get nowhere.

I choose life, not the living dead. No to noise, muchness and busyness: I choose to stare into my abyss, not to plug my ears with a racket and to gorge myself on possessions, anything to avoid the quiet, still voice within.

Bah baa black sheep.........

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Monkey said...

it does seem we have all lost our perspective on the important things, doesn't it.

hugs my friend