Friday, October 12, 2012

Staring reality in the face as the tide comes in

Sitting on the ocean edge watching more rain coming in from the south - it's close-by now and I will be soaked - and the tide's coming in: it's a battleship-grey kinda day.
Earlier I slipped on schloffy jeans and slipped off my sneakers; wearing a beanie I leashed up Sascha and walked to the sea for some us-time.
It's going to be a moody-wet weekend, which I'm ecstatic about.
The ocean is so huge that I cannot imagine it being over-fished and severely environmentally at risk; the problem is that my imagination's obviously too small; and living in a spacious and relatively unpopulated 'corner' of the planet, I can't begin to fathom this incredible planet's resources ever being even remotely stretched (that's the problem with imaginations, sometimes they have to stare reality in the face to get the picture!).
Two things are striking me right now:
Perhaps I cannot believe that people who spend so much time on the very edge of the ocean - fishermen - could be so untouched by its grand-splendour as to, disrespectfully of both it and themselves, never mind others, pollute its beaches and rocks as much as they do?
That global companies - and local national brands like Unilever's Dove - can still be so arrogant, unthinking and uncaring as to produce the blue-plastic earbuds that litter our shores at spring tide; have they honestly not yet considered bamboo as an alternative? Decision-made: I will never again purchase a plastic earbud. (And I challenge their CEO to come walk with me and, while he's picking up his litter, to explain to me why on earth they're still on plastic.)
An almost transparent and minute red ant struts - between sea sand granule rocks (it's all relative isn't it?) - utterly weightless across my bare left foot and leaves me gaping in awe: this frigging life-thing is truly miraculous, from the subatomic level and upwards!


Monkey Man said...

miraculous indeed dear the thoughtfulness of this post...has anyone told you as of late, YOU ROCK! :)

Anonymous said...

Let's go bamboo earbuds!!!