Friday, November 25, 2011

Dark heart

My heart is dark today, and has been for most of the week.
Sporadic, chaotic and uncentered describes me.
But I took a positive step, towards the light.
And now I'm lying on my bed having just, again, picked up my battered copy of Richard Foster's 'Celebration of Discipline'.
He writes: "Superficiality is the curse of our age...The greatest need today is...for deep people."
I'm going outside to harvest a bowl of apricots, it's the first time in five years that my dwarfed tree has borne fruit.
There is hope. Always.


Mitch Block said...

I know those dark-hearted days too well. Hope the apricots brought even more light in.

Anonymous said...

What about this thought:

Your apricot tree has been in a 5 year "dark" period, having not not been the best apricot fruit tree that it can be by not bearing fruit... almost not reaching its fullest potential...

But, it has overcome itself... it has outgrown its darkness and now bears beautiful fruit blossoms.

How similar are we to that apricot tree? How often do we not go through our dark patches, no matter what the cause is, resulting in us not seeing our light or not being the light to others by bearing fruit to others?

"There is hope. Always."

A xx