Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Secret garden

Today I decided I'm going to start a gardening blog. I'm also, but linked to the blog, going to start writing a monthly gardening column for the newspaper. I'm still deciding on a name for it; I have a few ideas though.
I've just taken this photo of the collection of succulents on an old blue gum stump at my back door. The late afternoon sun is perfect lighting.
Although blue gums are persona non gratis in SA I love them. I always have. I've always tended for the loneliest, quietist places in the remotest parts of the country; often in those spaces I've discovered eucalyptus-family specimens. I love their scent on the wind, also their pungency when I've crushed their leaves and breathed it in deeply. That is the scent that drives a desire in me to explore Australia. I can't wait for that day....
I'm sitting on the porch, in just a t-shirt and shorts. Earlier today I had just shorts on and eagerly lapped up the sunshine of an almost-perfect almost-spring day.
I've watered the garden with two sprinklers over the course of the day; in fact they're still on even though the sun will be behind the hills within 15 or 20 minutes and that, soon, I'll need more than a t-shirt to keep out the chill.
I'm oozing simple satisfaction.
And I suddenly remember that on 1 August I have owned the newspaper for two years now.
I'm all over the place like a jackdaw (we don't have those in SA), maybe I should take a walk. And give thanks for the day, and my life, as the sun slides over the edge of today.


Eva Gallant said...

David Waters sent me for a visit. Your photos are beautiful! But your post doesn't sound like you are living the slow, relaxed life you talk about in your sidebar!

Rose said...

Nicely picture in your Blogs site thanks ,,,,, Earning