Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Larry's family restaurant, Margate

Unusual is how I'd describe tonight. I drove down the KwaZulu-Natal south coast from Hibberdene to Margate for a walk-around and dinner. This is another world, especially in the midst of a Harley Davidson sponsored Africa Bike Week. I imagine this would be the SA equivalent of the UK's Blackpool etc. at the height of a European summer?
Some drunken bikers have just sang the South African national anthem in Afrikaans. It is our freedom day after all... 17 years ago today the new South Africa was breathed into life.
It's a cluttered and happy, but tired and old restaurant with a deck overlooking Margate's main beach filled with people that I find wonderfully challenging to relate to. (I wonder how they perceive me, should they even care to.) I life and its incredible variety, diversity. I am but a drop in the ocean.

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