Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fouriesburg, Free State province

It's rest, and a road trip for me. I suppose it's bookends too. Last September, through a glorious tunnel of cherry blossoms, I took this same road to the Highway Africa Conference in Grahamstown. It was there - because I was both inspired by the conference and saw its potential - that I decided to throw up my freelancing to take the newspaper on full time; I had bought it on the first of August on my credit card. This year, allowing myself much more time to get there, I'm on my way to Grahamstown again. And I'm looking very forward, except that I want at least a day and night on the Eastern Cape coast.

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Dibussi said...

Eastern Cape! My favorite corner of South Africa. Too bad I can't make it to this year's Highway Africa...

Your blogs from Sept 2009 about your trip through Frontier country on you way to Grahamstown, particularly this one - inspired me to also write about my own experience travelling through that breathtaking province for the first time. You can check it out at

Have fun in chilly Grahamstown!!!